Bio, photosets and videos of Randi Ryan

Profession: Porn star
Place Of Birth: Massachusetts
Age: 22
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Auburn
Height: 5F 5In
Weight: 114 lbs
Measurements: 34C - 23 - 33
Favorite Place: Boston
Favorite Music: Britney Spears, hip hop and Motown
Favorite Color: Baby blue
Favorite Movie: Wild Things
Favorite Food: Burger with avocado and fries
Hobbies: Watching the Boston Celtics, hanging out with my friends and swimming laps
Turn Ons: Glass of red wine and listening to Al Green
Hopes and Dreams: Become a newscaster. A drop dead, sexy one
Ideal Man: An in shape guy with nice eyes, and a sweet personality
Sexual Fantasy: I want to have crazy hot sex with George Clooney
Favorite Sexual Position: Me on top
Favorite Quote: N/A
How did you lose your virginity? At what age? : I was 16 and he came over during the summer while my parents were at work. It took 4 condoms before we got it to work, and we had sex on my bed. The second time was much better with him
Have you ever slept with a boss or co-worker?: No, but that does sound like fun
Describe your craziest sexual experience: At a strip club, we went to the bathroom and had sex