Bio, photosets and videos of Missi Daniels

Profession: Porn star
Place Of Birth: Florida
Age: 21
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Height: 5F 5In
Weight: 103 lbs
Measurements: 32B - 26 - 36
Favorite Place: Hawaii
Favorite Music: Rap
Favorite Color: Green and blue
Favorite Movie: War of the Worlds
Favorite Food: Fish Tacos from TJ
Turn Ons: Love guys that demand respect and have the means to back it up. I'm pretty much going home with you if you say you know more about sports than me, and back it up.
Hopes and Dreams: To become a professional drinker
Ideal Man: I like athletic men, especially if they can read
Sexual Fantasy: To be walked in on while having sex would be amazing. In a very natural way, not like when I am having sex on camera, which I do love. Especially if it was a hot girl, and she wanted to join in with us!
Favorite Sexual Position: N/A
Favorite Quote: N/A
How did you lose your virginity? At what age? : Oh I was young, only 14. The first of all my friends to actually lose it. It was with an older boy 3-4 years older than me, but I was horny, and wanted it to happen so bad. I wanted to grow up so fast, but it was hot and worth it.
Have you ever slept with a boss or co-worker?: Of the 15 or so jobs I have had, I've actually slept with about half of the managers I had
Describe your craziest sexual experience: During our high school baseball game, I snuck the boy into the girls locker room and we had sex in the shower during the game